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Dr Martin Collis is a brilliant scientist, author, educator and singer; but most of all, a great speaker. His blend of passion and inspiration and his delightful sense of humour have a life-changing impact on individuals and organizations.

"To hear him speak
 was worth the price
 of the whole conference!"

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About Dr Collis

MARTIN TREATS EACH AUDIENCE with special care and commonly draws laughter, tears and standing ovations. In the words of one of his songs, he says:

I didn't sleep much last night
Trying to line the words up right,
Trying to send you out the door,
A little different than you were before.
Some words fall like stone,
Some cut like a knife.
I don't want an hour of your time,
I want a piece of the rest of your life.

Dr Collis only makes a select number of presentations a year ...

Martin's work has been acknowledged by the White House and the Prime Minister of Canada. He is also one of the first four Canadians to be designated as a "Pioneer of Wellness".

MARTIN'S BACKGROUND IS DIVERSE, as are his accomplishments. He practices what he preaches and lives an active lifestyle full of rich experiences.

PhD, Stanford University, California (Exercise Physiology).

School teacher for 3 years in England, 29 years as a professor at the University of Victoria.

Assistant coach at Santa Clara Swim Club to Olympic medallists such as Mark Spitz and Claudia Kolb.

Wrote the first North American book on employee fitness for the Canadian Government, and followed this by editing their publication on workplace wellness.

Worked with colleagues at the University of Victoria to rewrite the science of cold water survival, and develop survival clothing that has been patented and marketed worldwide.

Consultant with such groups as the President's Council on Physical Fitness, Mesa Petroleum, Fitness Canada, Cooper Institute in Texas and numerous school districts and government organizations.

Wrote the weight management book "Phacts of Life", which was translated into 5 languages and serialized in Britain's The Daily Express. This book is currently being updated and rewritten to include recent research findings. Has just written and published the ">Little Book of Lifestyle Artistry".

Recorded 2 albums of original songs "Fit to Sing" and "Unsung Heroes", and a CD "Beaten Tracks".

Co-developer of PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) used by millions of people throughout North America.

Developed WELL, a free online newsletter for wellness.

Martin is currently working with the American Cancer Society as a contributor to their workplace wellness focussed newsletter "BecauseWeCare".

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British Columbia Pavilion Corporation
Campbell Soup Company
Canadian Public Relations Society
Dow Chemical
Esso Canada
Ford Motor Co.
Independent Insurance Agents
Mesa Petroleum
N.W. Management Association, Portland
Pacific Coast Savings
Peoples Drug Mart
Rogers Media
Royal Bank Financial Group
Royal Cruise Lines
Shell Canada
Toronto Dominion Bank
Vancouver Island Publishers
Alberta Recreation and Parks Association
B.C. Transport Finance Authority
B.C. Buildings Corporation
Canada Customs
Canada Health & Safety
Governor's Safety Conference, Anchorage
National Urban Transit Association
New York State Healthy State Awards Banquet
Oregon Parks and Recreation
Saskatchewan Lotteries Corporation
US President's Council, Chicago/Atlanta/LA
Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Penn
B.C. Heart & Stroke Foundation
Canadian Diabetes Assoc
Canadian Figure Skating Assoc
Canadian National Coaches Organization
Canadian Red Cross
Lions State Conference, Wisconsin
Resource Disability Network
Rotary International
United Way
American College of Sports
 Medicine Association
Canadian Diabetes Association
Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Society
Heart-beat Wales, Cardiff, Wales
Industrial Accident Prevention Association
International Conference on Physical Activity and Cancer, Cooper Research Institute
International Cardiology Conference, Lake Louise
Lakeside Health Promotion Conference, New York
Mary Pack Arthritis Centers
Nursing Administrators' Conference, Seattle
National Wellness Institute, Wisconsin
Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver
Pacific International Medical Congress, Victoria
Sinai Hospitals, Baltimore
Texas A.H.P.E.R.D., San Antonio
US National Association for Health and Wellness, Phoenix
Wal-Mart Pharmacies
A.P.H.E.R.D. Conference, NZ
Bermuda Ministry of Education
Canadian Education Assoc
Kent School District, WA
N.E.S.A. Teachers'
 Conference, Egypt
Nat Assoc of College Auxiliary
 Services Conf, Las Vegas
NW Assoc of College and
 University Housing Officers
ON Assoc of College and
University Housing Officers
Regis University, Denver
School Administrators'
 Conference, Greece
BC Ministry of Children and
 Family Services
The Steinbard Lecture,
University of Toledo
Western Canadian Education
 Administrators, Calgary
Bermuda Ministry of Health
Durham Health Conference
Employee Assistance Society
 of North America International
 Conference, Chicago
Canadian Public Health
Health Employers Association
 of BC
International Heart Healt
  Conference, Seattle
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"His sort of talent has traditionally been preserved for the likes of Confucius, Muhammad and L. Ron Hubbard, but Collis stuck to the secular — the down to earth, and wove a marvellous presentation around the acronym M.E.L.L.O.W." (CLICK HERE to read the whole article.)

Keith Norbury, Saanich News, BC Community Newspapers

"Martin Collis was the highlight of the program
as he presented perhaps the best speech
we've heard in our 16 year history."

New York State, Healthy State Awards Banquet

"Martin Collis is a genius with words."

Kenneth Cooper, M.D. Aerobics Institute, Dallas, TX


"You were terrific, the perfect speaker to kick off our convention."

Canadian Figure Skating Association

"Martin possesses the rare gift of being able to portray serious issues in a lighthearted and entertaining way. His presence, stories, songs and message have become a tradition at the International Health, Work & Wellness Conference. Our delegates use words like "passionate", "powerful!", "inspiring!", "thoughtful" and "dynamic!" to describe him."

Deb Jones, Chair of the International Health, Work & Wellness Conference

"Dr. Martin Collis! To hear him speak was worth the price of the whole conference."

B.C. Primary Teachers

Dr Martin Collis


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